The original Colton Dixon facts Tumblr :)
Credits to Gavin.

Credits to Gavin.

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Anonymous: whats your fav color

We’re not actually Colton, but his favourite colours are red, black and white(:

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aprillsantos: So Colton is in a relationship with Annie Coggeshall?

He sure is(:

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Colton - Piano Man

Credits to beinspired-dreambig (:

Credits to beinspired-dreambig (:

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Nashville 2012: Phillip, Jessica, DeAndre & Colton - Nice & Slow, Volcano & Home

Colton - Never Gone

Anonymous: I want facts, pleaseeeee

We’re trying but I’d love some help from as many as you as possible. Being in Australia, it’s hard to find up to date facts, sorry.

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Nashville 2012: Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

Phillip - Somebody That I Used To Know